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    Maundy on the Web

    Maundy on the Web

    Maundy Money Maundy money page, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Twopence Definition Definition of the coin, twopence, given as Maundy Money

    Money Definition Definition of Money, includes Maundy Money Maundy Money Pictures of Maundy Money Coins plus a brief history of Maundy Money.

    Maundy Thursday Definition of Maundy Thursday from the Free Dictionary

    Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday definition from Hyper Dictionary.

    UK Royal Family Page Page discussing the origin of the Maundy Money Ceremony. Also has venues for previous and next Maundy Money services.

    geocities.com/traditions_uk/maundy.html - Maundy Thursday - Geocities Home Page explaining the origins of the festival and its traditions and customs.

    Maundy Thursday. Encyclopędia Britannica. Retrieved February 1, 2004, from Encyclopędia Britannica Premium Service.

    National Maritime Museum Page detailing the Maundy Money service at Greenwich Palace by Queen elizabeth I in 1572.

    Maundy Money Maundy Money Information page from The British Royal Mint.

    Maundy Money Page Collectors page relating to Maundy Money and Maundy Money Sets. Good photographs of Maundy Coins.

    Free Information from Maundy.Com

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